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1. What is Acupuncture?
   Acupuncture is physical stimulus, the
fundamental principle is to mobilize the body’s
owner resistance to diseases, through its
owner resistance to disease able to cure
diseases or rehabilitation, you can go to
therapy and adjustments, so it gives people a
distinctive feature is a wide spectrum of

2. What is the role of Acupuncture is?
A lot of modern research show that
Acupuncture effects on the body are many,
but focus on is reflected in the pain of
adjustment for each body system functions
and enhanced local capacity three aspects of
the immune defense
1) Acupuncture has a good analgesic effect
2) Acupuncture can adjust the human         
systems of many organs and tissues, some
adjustments have two-way actions
3)  Acupuncture can adjust the body immune
system function, improve the body’s
resistance to disease.

3. What disease Acupuncture can cure?
According to the UN World Health Organization
(WHO) published forty three disease (Actually
there are more than this number) with more
prominent will be the efficacy of Acupuncture
treatment, Pain relief is one of the most
common applications for Acupuncture.

4. Is Acupuncture has side effect?
Basically no side effects, because acupuncture
is to regulate the body’s own disease-fighting
capabilities. To say there is no side effects, but
pay attention to side effects such us damage
to nerves, blood vesels, organ.

5. Is Acupuncture painful?
 In general, acupuncture after piercing the
body produces acid, hemp, swelling, weight
and feeling pain, these are needling response
is good performance. Other than that, there
can also be a pricking sensation when the
needle is inserted, but people usually fell  very

6. How to people respond to Acupuncture?
 Most people feel better after few treatment,
some people may get worse temporally before
getting better, the number of treatment is
varies from person to person, a chronic
condition take longer time for healing than
acute problem.

7. Is Acupuncture safe?
Acupuncture is very safe as long as it is
performed by a competent practitioner,
because each point has a prescribed depth of
insertion, Licensed Acupuncture must learn in
order to practice.

8. Can Acupuncture take the place of regular   
primary care physician?
 No, Acupuncture shouldn’t take the place of
regular primary care physician, acupuncture is
a wonderful modality to incorporate into self-
care and wellness routine, and it is powerful
and often fill in the gap where traditional
medicine cannot.

9. Do you accept Insurance?
Yes, we accept most Insurance plan.

10. Do you accept credit card
Yes, we accept Visa, Master and discover Card.
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